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How to increase the chances of your content getting shared

These days it’s abundantly clear that having your content socially shared widely is a marvelous way to increase leads and sales. The near-instant ability to have your products and services touted far beyond your own virtual borders is an enticement few can or should resist.

A few amazing reasons why you want your content shared!

In case you weren’t aware of it, we each spend an average of 37 minutes of each day on social media, which eclipses even email. Furthermore, some 60 percent of that activity takes place on a mobile device!

Most people would rather come to know about a company by way of online recommendations. This sort of social proof can make it much easier for prospective customers to begin the process of know, like and trust with you.

And last and surely not least, the incredible reach of social media can benefit your brand in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

4 Ways you can ramp up the social media sharing!

  1. Give them the tools to share your content! – Making sure that your content is fully sharable by supplying working, easy to see and use social sharing options goes without saying. One thing to do to help them to click these though, is to make sure to include a strong call to action within the content itself!
  2. Seek out relevant social media groups – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn plus some of the other social media sites have rather large groups of enthusiasts in almost every conceivable niche. Find these and join those that appear to be most relevant to your business. This is sometimes a virtual goldmine!
  3. The shorter the better – Kissmetrics tells us that Facebook posts less than 80 characters are acted on a full 66 percent more than those that run longer. Save the longer content for your blog, and don’t forget that call to action!
  4. Use lots of images and videos – This is the visual era, and visual content is being shared a significant 40 percent more than that which has no imagery. Make your visuals stunning, provocative and of course sharable. This is often a difference maker!