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How to Start Quick with Social Media in 2014

You just can’t escape it: there’s that nagging truth haunting you as you go about marketing your business on the internet. Simply speaking, it’s the fear that you simply aren’t doing enough with social media.

Who can blame you though? It changes just about daily, and without a plan or roadmap it’s super easy to get lost in all the little stuff. In spite of this, we’re just now starting to see the immense power of connecting through social media. The reach is unparalleled, and the opportunities are endless.

So since we know we’ve got to get this social media thing done, let’s have a look at 4 ways we can set ourselves up for a awesome start in 2014.

4 Tips on how to rock social media this year!

  1. Embrace Google+ – Say what you like about Google+, but the truth is that it offers several benefits that other social media platforms can just dream of. It may never have the numbers that Facebook sports, but the ease of indexing, SEO, YouTube connections with Hangouts and commenting, together with a host of other Google services make this a serious business decision.
  2. Get serious and social with video – It’s good to churn out a bunch of videos, but what could be better is to make 2014 the year you properly market them via your social channels. Building up your YouTube channel is a great way to maximize your traffic!
  3. Decide on which social networks to plunder! – Regardless of whether you want to employ Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, or your own combination of these, decide on the ones that have the most potential for your business and get on with it.
  4. Be committed and consistent – You can have the most gorgeous Facebook page in the world, but if you aren’t actively engaging and developing a community there, it matters not. Eliminate the habit of treating social media as a forgotten stepchild and start making the most of the platforms where everyone is spending time right now! You’ll be really glad you did!