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Should You Be Marketing Your Business on Twitter?

The question of whether or not Twitter was a sensible use of marketing energy and budget has been around as long as the platform has. It looks like people have had a hard time wrapping their brain around how a micro-content platform such as this can drive traffic, sales, and authority. Taking even longer to embrace has been the small business community, as it appeared like nothing more than a marvelous way to while away a day, and for no apparent return. Let’s have a look at why Twitter is indeed a great deal more than a giant time suck, and can in reality do a lot more for your marketing than you might imagine.

See these 7 ways Twitter could help your small business!

  1. Utilize your Twitter profile for all it’s worth – Using your profile showcases who you are and what you do is a great way to get off to a good start with your audience on Twitter. Make use of the opportunity to make a great first impression and leave links to your website or pages.
  2. Connect with the influencers in your market – A primary goal of any twitter strategy is to make it your business to find and connect with the people who matter in your market. Not a brief task, but an important one that can really pay off later on.
  3. Use videos and images – Don’t dismiss the fact that videos and images actually drive three to four more times more clicks on Twitter.
  4. Employ Promoted Tweets – This is a terrific way to find and connect with your ideal audience. Take care however not to be spammy or hammer people with ads constantly.
  5. Engage the people – Simply because you are a company doesn’t relieve you of any social interaction obligation. If you’d like a good following that will respond when you have something important to say or sell, heed this!
  6. Use Retweeting and hashtags – One easy way to help connect with and establish your own reputation as a thought leader in your space is by retweeting and using hashtags to tie into content. Make sure to contribute your own thoughts in the process.
  7. Give before taking – We all know how easy it is to want to sell, sell, sell. Do yourself a favor and overcome that down and instead follow the formula of give, give, give, give, sell. You’ll grow more trust, sell more and succeed in the long run.