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Use These 5 Offline Marketing Tips That Work!

Since a great deal of our focus presently is put into our online efforts, it’s easy to disregard anything offline that might have as much or more impact on our businesses. Offline marketing has been around far longer than online, and should not be tossed out like yesterday’s news.

5 Offline marketing tactics that still work just fine!

  1. Have a killer business card – How many times have you run into somebody with a product or service in which you’re interested and they don’t happen to have a business card with them. There’s still a definite place in the business world for a business card, so make it your mission to have a fantastic one at hand all of the time!
  2. Promotional products and informative pamphlets – This can be accomplished in a number of creative and fun ways. It doesn’t just have to be a newsletter or printed matter relating to your products or business. You can use tangible items like cups, t-shirts, bumper stickers or…? People like that stuff!
  3. Local events and meetings – Being present and helpful at local community events and meetings is a simple way to get your business’ name noticed in a good way. You’ll meet other business people who may be willing or able to work well with you, in addition to doing some good where you live.
  4. Sponsorship of a local team or organization – This one has several pluses. Not only do you get a ton of ongoing advertising, you create goodwill and trust among the community. This can work not only for sports teams, but nearly any organization that is in need of a few bucks.
  5. Start a local business network – Assuming there isn’t already one you are a part of, you can take advantage of this absence by creating one. If there is one around, join it and jump in. This is a fantastic way to make local contacts that are willing to help one another’s business with referrals and joint ventures.

Take advantage of these tried and true offline marketing tactics. They still work , and will give you tons of local leads and revenue.