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5 Ways Online Marketing Rocks in 2014

There’s little time left to finalize your plans for marketing in 2014, so let’s get our predictions in here in time for you to do something about them.

What we have listed below are five trends in online marketing that will dominate in 2014. Some of have been coming for a few years, while others are quite fresh. Figure out how many of these you can work into your company’s marketing plan this year.

  1. Content Marketing – This is one we’ve been talking about for a while now. It’s been proven now that businesses that employ a company blog garner more than 67 percent more leads than those who don’t. Enough with the excuses!
  2. Image based Content wins the day – It’s official now: no one likes to read. At least, they like to look more! Visually-based content will keep on being the most shared, and acted upon. This means not only videos, but social media outlets like Pinterest, Instagram and Slideshare which will take advantage of the fact that 65 percent of us are visual learners.
  3. Retargeting – A trend that is rising in popularity fast, retargeting is the practice of having your ads follow customers around. I know; it sounds creepy, but it does amazing things for your brand by keeping it in front of someone who has expressed a desire for that particular search term. AdRoll and Google are the top players at the moment, however, many more are joining the party.
  4. Social Signals and SEO – While many point out that social signals carry little weight in the search algorithm so far (like they know!) it’s likely to be positioned for a bigger role as we become an ever more social web. This means there’s no time like the present to execute a social media initiative!
  5. Demographic targeting in ads – You now have the ability to target your advertising with the accuracy of a smart bomb. Platforms like Facebook with their promoted posts and custom audiences are making it easy to target incredibly niche markets efficiently. What’s more, this can be done at a fraction of the cost it would take you to advertise widely and inefficiently. This is the year targeted paid ads are on every marketer’s wish list!