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Get Ready for a New Facebook Pages Update Just when you thought you can take it easy, Facebook is bringing around a new Pages update that will need your attention if you are intent on getting the most from your business pages. Thankfully, the changes are primarily cosmetic, simple to apply, and will make your Pages easier for people to learn information about your business. In fact, this is mostly a “rearranging the furniture” type of update, but it promises to be beneficial to business pages. Lets’ see how… New changes to your Facebook Pages

  • Single column Timeline format – Your Timeline will be found on the right side of the page, in a single column. The left side will have all of your pertinent business information, pictures and videos.
  • Wider pages and posts – The Page posts are going to span a healthy 511 pixels, which represents around a 25 percent increase over the room you had before. Which means you can include and feature larger images, making your content pop out visually.
  • Overlaid Like button – This is one that might cause a bit of consternation. The Like button is going to be overlaid onto your cover photo. Which means that if you happen to have a rather busy image on it, there is a chance that the Like button will be hard to be found, and get missed.
  • Apps are further down – Your Apps are now going to be positioned on the left side of the page. This is actually the least friendly of the changes, as the Apps can be pushed even further down the page by the new Similar Pages feature, making it challenging for people to find your Apps.
  • Similar Pages – If somebody likes your page or one of your apps, a new feature called Similar Pages springs into view. This content might also contain your competitor’s pages.

Even though at the moment you have to opt to use the new design, there will likely come a time when you won’t have that choice. Even if you aren’t thrilled by all of the changes, at least it’s more organized and visually cleaner, so that’s one thing.