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Optimize your emails for mobile

Now that some 51 percent of emails are being opened on a mobile device, it’s high time to make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices. Although the numbers from this last holiday season are just starting to trickle in, the evidence shows that retailers in the UK benefited with 55 percent of sales originating from a mobile device, and a full 25 percent of these from smartphones. What exactly do we need to do to ensure that our emails are optimized for mobile in 2014? Here are a few ways to get started!

5 Ways to optimize your emails for mobile devices

  1. Keep it brief – This is applicable to both the subject line as well as the text of the email. Nobody wants to read long batches of text on a small screen, and studies are showing that subject lines of 40 characters or less are opened more frequently. The entire challenge with mobile emails is to get them opened, and acted upon. Get to the point promptly.
  2. Make it big! – Use a larger font, at least 14 point for text and 22 for headlines, and avoid using colored backgrounds. It’s hard enough to see what’s on the screen without you making it more difficult. Black on white is where it’s at!
  3. Calls to action need to be seen – Make your call to action links and buttons stick out! Also, the nearer the top you can position them the better conversion rates you’ll have.
  4. Give thought to sender names and 1st lines – A lot of email clients (Apple in particular) make their sender names bigger than the subject line. Also, avoid having anything in your email template that takes up your first line, (like an unsubscribe notice) as these are also often visible.
  5. Size buttons appropriately – Buttons should be at least 44 pixels in height and width, in order to make them thumb-friendly! The very last thing you want is for users to be unable to click your links!