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Marketing Mistakes which need to completely disappear Before 2017

Not Making Marketing a Priority

Many firms, especially local businesses, feel that they have bigger things to worry about than marketing. Sure, they might put a short while into it, but they often view marketing as a part-time job. This is especially the case when it comes to social media and video marketing. In 2017, you must understand that this thought is folly. If you are not going all in on your marketing tactics, you are only hurting yourself.

Thinking Social Media Is Totally free

Individuals can sign up for Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other social media platforms and never pay a dime. corporations can do this as well, but they likely will end up thinking social media is a moot marketing tool.

Thanks to cluttered feeds, social media giants do not prioritize business posts. Something has to be really engaging for it to pick up speed. However, this doesn’t always happen. With everyone receiving information overload, it will sometimes be essential to spend a few dollars to extend your reach. Since you can target specific audiences, though, this may not be a bad idea.

Sacrificing Customers Over Prospects

You have likely had a cable provider offer a discount, but when you called in, they said you were not eligible. Why? Because you are actually a customer. It doesn’t hurt to focus on bringing in new prospects, but this can’t be at the cost of upsetting current clients. Offer promotions to garner new clients, but make sure you look closely at your loyal followers as well.

Advertising is not always about doing what is right. It is also vital to avoid doing something wrong. The previous list is far from all-inclusive, but if you can keep clear of these mistakes, you will be a step ahead of many of your competitors in 2017.