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Need to Know How to Optimize Your Mobile Site? Here’s How!

Today’s world is more mobile than ever before, and even though it’s true that 67 percent of mobile users who land on a mobile optimized site are more likely to convert, it’s also a fact that nearly as many — 61 percent — of those who land on a site not optimized for mobile will jump to your competitor’s site pronto!

Since that leaves us almost no choice on the matter, it’s incumbent for us to keep our sites as optimized for mobile as possible. While there are actually many pieces to this puzzle, we’ve uncovered 7 things you can do that will help your site be more optimized for mobile browsing.

7 Ways to be sure your site is optimized for mobile

  1. Make sure your mobile visitors are directed to the mobile version of your site via a redirect in the code.
  2. Check out how your site looks on a variety of phones and tablets. Check your analytics to see which devices are most popular with your visitors.
  3. Be sure no elements on your mobile site depend on flash to render. iPhones can’t read it at all, and it’s molasses slow on Android.
  4. Resist using pop-ups on your mobile site, as they increase load times and also take visitors away from the pages they want to be on! Furthermore, unless you rely on ads for the lion’s share of your business, be very selective about what you choose to show.
  5. Make your videos use an HTML5 player. You may already have this in effect, but it definitely helps. Also, make your videos responsive to fit the many different size screens they will encounter.
  6. Don’t use imagery you don’t need. They slow your load times considerably. This especially goes for ad banners.
  7. Edit your content to make it more bite-sized. People are loathe to read long batches of text on their small screens.

That may see like a lot, but really we’ve only scratched the surface. This will definitely get you off to a good start, though, and probably will be far more than your competition is doing!