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How to Create Social Media Posts That Get the Clicks

It can be quite easy to fall into the big black hole of social media. By that I mean you spend tons of time and possibly money to run consistent, content filled social media posts, but still to your dismay, find that nobody is interacting with your posts, there is no substantial sharing going on, and worst of all, your links are not getting clicked upon.

There are a few ways to escape the black hole of social postings, and we’re going to cover that right here.

3 Tips for optimizing your social media for more clicks

Ask for Shares, Likes and Retweets – Don’t be shy about asking for what you want. If your content offers value, perhaps all your readers need is a little nudge to get them acting. Engage at every opportunity, and do your best to speak up and get the party started. Also, make sure that you are enabling social sharing on all your pages, so that they have the opportunity to share.

Optimize your call-to-action – Simply sticking a link anywhere in your post doesn’t cut it. You need to tell the reader what to do, in no uncertain terms. Focus on the benefits they’ll derive from taking this action, and how doing so may solve the problem they have. The more specific you can get with it, the better. “Access your Free Report on How to Get the IRS Off Your Back” works much better than “Click Here”.

Share your images – You can’t help but have seen the explosive growth of social networks that feature a lot of images, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. These sites are also extremely social sites in addition to being image monsters. Your image could easily go viral among more than one site if you play your cards right. Be sure to take full advantage.

It’s your job to start the conversations, upload the images, post great content and ask for the actions. Do all of this and you’ll surely see a whole lot more clicks!