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Getting More Reviews from Your Customers by Replying Promptly

Knowing what customers think of your business is crucial information that every business owner wants and needs to know.

Great online reviews will boost your image and your reputation too. This will potentially lead to more business and more money. However, negative reviews could really put a dent in your plans.

Negative reviews are usually left by unhappy customers, disgruntle employees, or sabotaging competitors. Yes, that’s right… some competitors stoop really low when it comes to knocking you out of their way.

People definitely rely on online reviews when searching for a local product, service, or business. So any negative reviews out there about your business can definitely put a damper on things.

Although you can’t control the reviews your business receives, you can improve the way you handle the negative ones.

In fact, you can even turn them into “positive” reviews.

So how do you do that? It’s simple…

Reply! Reply! Reply!

It’s a good idea to reply back to any and all of your customers reviews. Being more personable will show other prospects and customers that you at least care and value the opinions of your customers.

Local business listing sites such as Google Places and Yelp are wonderful sites that allow business owners to easily see and respond to their online reviews.

Promptness Pays Off!

The sooner you reply back to your customers reviews the better. This will show that you care about the quality of your business and will definitely earn you some “brownie points” from your valued prospects and customers.

Replying back promptly will give you a better reputation and will even encourage more customers to write more reviews (hopefully, good ones).

All you need to do is stay online, see what they’re saying, and get engaged! You’ll be happy you did when you see how powerful a nice, strong, solid online reputation can be for your business.