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The latest stats are truly staggering. According to CBS news, there are more than 5 Billion cell phones in use worldwide, and about one billion of these are capable of connecting to the Internet.

In fact, there are more internet-connected mobile devices than there are desktop and laptops combined.

Because the use of mobile devices is steadily rising, it’s important that every business consider building a mobile-friendly website. Those that don’t, risk losing business to those that do… it’s just that simple.

While all businesses could benefit by having a mobile-friendly website, some business types will benefit more than others. If your business offers any sort of mobile service, emergency services, or simply appeals to those “on-the-go,” you fit that category. It would be impossible for me to list the business types I think would benefit most, but I will give you some examples to help you determine whether your business might benefit.

Example #1 – Auto Repair Service

This example should be easy to follow. A motorist breaks down and is in need of an emergency towing service. As they’re not at home, it’s likely they will use a mobile device to find the service they need. This highlights both the need for a mobile-friendly website, and a website that is well-optimized for the search engines (aka “SEO” – Search Engine Optimization).

Example #2 – Restaurants

After church, a group of friends talks about where they might go to lunch. A search is conducted on someone’s “smart phone,” and a restaurant is selected.

Example #3 – Chiropractor (or many other medical-services businesses)

An out-of-town businessman starts experiencing back pain. As he’s out of his usual area, he uses his mobile device to look for a chiropractor that takes “walk-in” appointments. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that someone might use a mobile device to look for a business. An added benefit is that most are looking to do business right away, not sometime in the future.

If your mobile website is easy to find, attractive, easy to navigate, and offers your essential business information, you stand a good chance to gain a new customer.