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How to Effectively Manage Social Media with These Great Tools!

Would it shock you to know that there are about as many social media tools as there are photos of the Kardashians floating around the Web? Seriously, you can get a headache trying to decipher which of these tools you need to use, and why.

Yet we’re going to attempt to help you do just that, as besides a great strategy, dedicated personnel and a few bucks, to manage your social media it really takes a couple of tools.

Let’s take a peek at several of the best tools out there currently, and exactly how they can aid you with managing your social media.

9 Amazing social media tools and what they do

The first thing to do is decide which of the many social networks you are going to try and utilize. Then we can dive into which of these tools may be best for your business.

Tweetdeck – This tool for Twitter gives you the ability to track, organize, and engage with your followers, quickly seeing activity from different followers, hashtags, plus more.

SharedCount – Ideally you’ll want to see how popular your content is. SharedCount can deliver this information quickly and accurately. Showing you how widely your content was shared.

TweetReach – Another Twitter tools that shows you how far your Tweet is reaching, revealing data such as who is retweeting you and what their influence and reach is also.

LikeAlyzer – This Facebook analysis tool comes up with stats and insights into your Facebook pages and lets you know what you may want to do with them.

Klout – Klout collects information on your various social profiles and comes up with a popularity score of 1 to 100. What’s your Klout?

Mention – Mention tracks absolutely anywhere that your name or your company may be mentioned online, and delivers them to you in a daily email.

IFTTT – This automation app can do everything from text you tomorrow’s weather to automatically updating your Twitter with content from your other channels. IFTTT currently makes connections with more than 90 channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Buffer – Buffer is an automation tool allowing you to schedule social media posts and updates to your accounts. Buffer currently covers Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn Twitter and more.

Hootsuite – The most well-known of these tools, Hootsuite is a terrific social media management tool that enables you to keep track of up to 100 accounts on many social media sites, all from one centralized dashboard.